Frequently Asked Questions

Our tracking and telematics technology has been in use since 2009. The introduction of our ELD product coincided with the ELD mandate in 2017. As with most technology, all of our products undergo regular testing and system updates to ensure the best results for our customers.

The standard contract for service is 3 years.

By default, the tablet is configured only to work with the ELD application. Drivers will not have access to download additional applications or to access the tablet for personal use.

Yes. Our security policies and certifications are one of the many things that sets ELD Solutions apart from the competition. We employ the highest level of security which includes FedRAMP security certifications as well as security policies that meet and exceed FISMA, which requires an annual 3rd party audit. We realize how important it is that no one has access to your data.

Per the FMCSA regulations in the ELD mandate, drivers have 8 days to fix the problem with the electronic log or find a replacement for the device. During this time, paper logs must be used until the issue is addressed. For more details on what drivers should do if their device breaks, take a look here.  For more details on what carriers should do in the case of device malfunction, read more here.

Because the ELD module and tablet communicate via Bluetooth and do not rely on cellular service, your tablet will always show the most up-to-date information about your location and duty status so that all of the required information will be available to the inspection officer should you be stopped. As soon as the tablet reestablishes a cellular connection, all data will be transmitted to the customer portal as if you never missed a beat.

All ELD providers have very detailed specifications that they must follow per the ELD mandate, so in a general sense, every device must perform the same functions. Where ELD Solutions differs is in our focus on providing the easiest experience for both drivers and administrators with our driver app and our customer portal. For the drivers, we provide a product that requires minimal driver interaction and is extremely intuitive and easy to learn. For the back-office administrators, we provide a full suite of controls that are easily learned and as straightforward as it comes. Finally, our live customer service, based in Tennessee, is available to assist with any issues that may come up. We continually hear how important service is to carriers of all sizes and so we put a huge emphasis on making sure you’re taken care of.

Yes, but violations are only reported to the carrier. All driver violations are easily tracked in the customer portal in real time and are ONLY visible to the company administrator. The customer portal also provides hours remaining so you can see if anyone is close to a violation.

Generally, there is no need for on-site training. The hardware installation, driver app, and the customer portal are extremely user-friendly and easy to install by design. Hardware installation typically takes about 3-5 minutes and does not require a mechanic. As we want to ensure that you and your drivers are 100% comfortable with the use of our product, our Implementation Team will spend as much time as you need to get you up and running. This includes helping you navigate the entire customer portal and showing you all the features. Additionally, we have created a library of training videos and resources for you and/or your drivers and team.

Although most of our trial accounts quickly become long-term customers, we will honor a 30-day return policy. You can simply let us know that you no longer wish to continue your service and return all your equipment in good working condition. If you are happy with your product and want to continue to use our service, you don’t need to do anything, simply continue to use the product!

Once plugged into the JBUS, the ELD module emits a Bluetooth signal and connects to the tablet via Bluetooth. All data collected from the ELD module is then transferred to the tablet, and the tablet transmits that data to the customer portal. All of this happens in real time.

Driver log data is available for 6 months. We do not keep driver logs past this time. Location and telematics data is kept for 2 years.

Our Premium level of service gives you the ability to set up notifications to be sent via email or text. These notifications can cover various information, including a driver entering or leaving a specific location, real-time engine fault codes, as well as warnings when a driver gets close to being in violation of HOS.

Yes, but you still must have the hardware that plugs directly in to your truck and then connects to your phone via Bluetooth. These types of packages are available here.

No. The ELD mandate does not require the vehicles to be tracked via GPS with real time tracking. However, the ELD device must record the location when a duty status change occurs. If you want real-time tracking of your vehicles, you can choose from one of our Deluxe or Premium packages here.

No. All information collected from your ELD device is secured in our systems through a secure website.

All of your data is available to you 24/7 at with your provided login credentials.

ELD Solutions has live customer support located in Tennessee. In the unlikely event that you have any problems with the product, simply call us at 855-696-3537 or email us at Keep in mind that our ability to provide support with BYOD packages can be limited as we do not have access to diagnostics of the individual phone or tablet being used.

Our tablet supports over 100 languages that can be selected and used on a case by case basis through the settings of the individual tablets. Our customer portal is available in 16 different languages.

And ELD module is essentially the “brains” of the system. It is the hardware that collects data from the ECM in the truck and transmits that data to the tablet.

Currently, Android and Apple/iOS-based devices, both phone and tablets, can be used with our BYOD packages.

Unfortunately, this is not an option. Once the devices are ordered, each device will be billed every month, regardless of use, for the term of the contract.

Yes. There is a one year limited warranty on all hardware provided from ELDS. This warranty covers manufacturer defects only.

ELDS offers multiple methods of meeting and exceeding the minimum regulation standards. Whether you want to maximize hours of service or simply stay legal, ELDS goes above and beyond to provide intuitive, customized solutions for your fleet.

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